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A guideline for my kids

My kids are very independent. This isn’t a humblebrag; I’m sure I could stand to be a bit more managerial as a mom. But I was raised in a household of independent people, and past a certain age— the age where we children had largely figured out what will or won’t immediately kill us and policed ourselves accordingly— the kids and parents moved into a sort of roommate situation. (more…)

31 Fright Nights, bitches.

OMFG spoopy creeper friends, it’s the month* of scary movies. *let’s be real, every month is scary movie month. I’m living that Roku TV life and pretty much the only thing I miss about having cable is the cheesy nightly broadcasts of “scary” movies throughout October that every network does. So I compiled my own….

coconut raspberry thumbprint cookies. do not share with Yoshi.

I don’t know where my mom got this recipe, or if she invented it herself, but these things are bite-size and addicting, which is a perfect combination. They also remind me of Yoshi’s cookies, which makes me love them even more.