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is it just me?

Every time I am driving under an overpass and there is someone walking or standing on the overpass above me, I gulp, hit the gas, mutter “please don’t please don’t” — and try to get out from under them as quickly as possible.

I’m always worried the person is a Jumper and is going to leap to their demise right in front of – or on top of – my car.

Because I’m not really sure if my insurance would cover that and yeesh, what a hassle that would be.  Also?  Messy.  Oh, and sad, because tragedy etcetera etcetera, but yeah.  Messy hassle.

Two questions:  A.)  Exactly how bad of a person does this make me?  and 2.)  Anyone else have this (or another) somewhat-irrational worry?


  1. It’s definitely not just you, it would suck to have a car smashed up by a suicide (unless they were trying to kill me too, like a murder suicide, then at least it would make more sense). It might count on your insurance as an ‘act of God’, although, either way it would be a messy hassle to explain to your co-workers (or the cops) days later why there’s some blood on your car. Also, what if a person jumps from the far side of the overpass onto your car so that you couldn’t see them coming? Like a surprise suicide to inconvenience you and raise your insurance premiums!

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