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oh, hai

I am just not good at blogging anymore. I used to be pretty OK at it, like five years ago. I had ideas and social commentary and I found ways to make my life seem interesting. Oh, and also frequently posted semi-nudes of myself. Now, my life is decidedly more interesting than it was five years ago, yet I can’t find anything to say about it. Either I’ve lost my creativity or I’ve gotten all hermit-y and (subconsciously?) don’t want to put my life on the interwebz.

Anyway. I am busy working on becoming 100% self-employed because I don’t want die and be known as that girl who really excelled at working in an office. Which, I do excel at it, but whoa, that’s boring. So I’m trying to find a happy balance between Office Worker Bri and a Bri who wants to go to exotic locales to photograph dangerous wildlife. Can’t abandon the kiddos to frolic with lions and a Nikon… Yet.

I’m sure there is honor or nobility in being one of those people who has the same career as an accountant or human resources manager for 30+ years… But that’s not me. And at the risk of hate mail, I often think there is such thing as too much stability. Once people get too comfortable, they get lazy. I want to show my kids that trying new things and taking risks and not being so freaking typical is not a bad thing.

Of course if my kids want to be accountants I’ll have to be cool with that too.

I get a decent amount of shit from people close to me about my long list of possible career options and not wanting to pick just one. I want to be a nurse in an inner-city E.R.! I want to be a NatGeo photographer! I want to be a confectioner! And so on and so forth. Why must I choose one? Why can’t I do them all? I’ve got at least 40 years to try it all.

Unless I get eaten by a lion while sneaking up for a photo.


  1. Going to throw this out there: Ninja assassin. Just something to consider. You seem the stealthy death in the night type to me. The pay is great and you can’t beat the fashion.

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