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hey look! i'm bored as fuck.

So I asked my friend Adam to help me Photoshop my head onto some photos.  Originally, I was going to write something (possibly funny) about the daydreams I used to have when I was a kid and how they were all based on 80’s movies.  All that is still true– but I don’t have the energy to write in length about it anymore.  However, Adam’s lovely handiwork shan’t go to waste.  Also they make me giggle.

(Please do not question why the movie characters I wanted to be are male.  I wonder this too, but now is not the time to investigate the deepest parts of my psyche.  So let’s just go with:  Because the characters who got to do all the cool shit just happened to be boys.)

I always wanted to be Jareth.  If for no other reason than the righteous pants and killer 80’s hair.

Sadly, Bowie pulls off the leggings-with-knee-high-boots look better than any woman trying to rock this look in 2010.

But my main daydream was riding Falcor.  Oh hell yes.

In my Neverending Daydream though, I don’t let Artax die in the fucking Swamps of Sadness.  That was bullshit.

Humor me:  Which pop culture icon/movie character of your time did you most want to be?


  1. Prince in Purple Rain.

  2. animalcrackers says:

    I feel you need to know that this print is hanging in our home. It’s framed and everything.


  3. I am TERRIFIED of Falcor.

  4. Kira, the Gelfling from the Dark Crystal. So I could explore myself with thin, nimble fingers…

    Seriously. I hope that’s not a metaphor for my childhood.

  5. I wanted to be Alice in Wonderland. I was like, “I have a score I need to settle with some Pansies. LITERALLY.”

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