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NaDeNeFoMo, day one: bananas.

To start National Deep-fry a New Food Month, I decided on bananas.  I’m not a skilled deep-fryer so I needed a practice food, if you will.

I used this batter recipe (but halved it, because I don’t need five fried bananas at 8pm.)

The first banana was more ripe than the second banana.  This made the BIGGEST difference.  The second banana sucked.  Make sure you use a ripe banana– no green, freckly on outside but not bruised.  Fair warning:  I was not expecting them to come out mushy.  They are mushy on the inside, but the batter is crispy.  This freaked Taylor out and he would not eat.

To be honest, I ate probably 1/2 a banana and my heart felt like I ate two Big Macs.  I am going to probably be cutting other shitty things from my diet (so, everything) to make up for the month of deep-fried foodstuffs of doom that I’m going to be putting my body through.  But I figure if I can survive the KFC Double Down, I can survive anything.




  1. Oh mygod. I want to eat it.

  2. Elivis would have died at least two years earlier and 100lbs heavier if he had known about this.

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