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1.)  I’m just going to say it:  I failed epically at NaDeNeFoMo.  I didn’t get all thirty things deep-fried in November.  Life got all up in the way, etc etc excuses excuses.  So I’m just going to extend it forever, because as it turns out, I have a serious love for deep-fried things.

2.)  I’m not going to be in St. Petersburg, Florida this coming weekend as planned due to some urgent family things.  Let me just take a moment to be bummed out that I’m not going to spend three days eating my weight in bacon waffles at Frog Pond.

3.)  I am dealing with the loss of this weekend’s bacon waffle binge by reminding myself I’ll soon be in Florida permanently.  And then I can have all the bacon waffles I want.  Yay bacon waffles!

4.)  Did I just say #3 out loud?  That I’m moving?  Ignore me.  I am obviously a madwoman.

5.) Just because:

6.)  Maya asked Santa for a penis.  I… don’t know how to handle this.

7.)  It’s finals week for me and after that, it’s Maya’s third birthday, and after that, we’re headed to Phoenix for the holidays to spend some time with our family and God willing, Christmas will involve operating a potato gun.  Jesus would’ve wanted it that way.


  1. #6 is a nervous combo of hilarity, sadness & confusion…

  2. Tell Maya that….um…yeah I got nothing for you. Maybe she’ll forget.

  3. wow. does she want it for herself? or, like, an unattached one? to play with? so many questions.

  4. Daemon Messiah says:

    Tell Maya she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up, but until then, she’s your perfect little angel 😉

  5. A few different ways to approach the penis wanting situation:

    1) Buy her anything with Andy Dick in it. “There. He is, in fact, a giant penis.” That should end that.

    2) She may be too young for a gift cert to http://www.adameve.com/ but if you write it out and then fill it when she’s older it’ll give her something to look forward to!

    3) Hulk doll: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article81124.ece?yhnws

    4) Make Middlesex your bedtime reading!

    5) Get her a pony. She’ll forget the penis. Works every time.

  6. Daemon Messiah says:

    I would give up my penis for a pony’s penis? O, wait. TOO MANY ADAMS!

  7. Maybe she meant she wants Pens, but since she’s only 3 she mixed up the words.

  8. My eldest wanted a penis tooo when she was little… she survived without one until she was old enough to get a boyfriend. I survived well… until she got a boyfriend (dating is so much more fun when it’s you and not your kid. Trust me)

  9. I am all kinds of late but I have to say this:


    You created an epic challenge. That’s a victory in itself.


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