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1.)  My first semester of full-time college is over.  Mostly I just feel like I should get a refund because I don’t feel one centimeter closer to my degree/career goal but then I remember that’s just me being impatient.

2.)  I am questioning my sanity on recently taking a position as Director of Finance & Admin for a non-profit firm.  I thought I said good riddance to this type of work permanently in June but it kind of fell into my lap and I would be stupid to not take it because, let’s be honest, with my plans for 2011 being rather pricey, the money won’t hurt, and also it will add even more fanciness to my resume.  I think I just hate admitting that I am really good at the tediousness of operating a business.  It doesn’t feel very ‘me’, ya know?  I don’t feel like a boring budget-and-receivables-and-TPS-reports kind of person.  But I take solace in knowing it’s temporary because I am only using this job to be able to afford the opportunity to work on other big things.  It’s a scheme, ya see.  I’m still diabolical, underneath my corporate shell.

3.)  I can’t believe I have actually committed to making a mash-up album based on (but not consisting ONLY of) Pantera and Hank Williams (Sr.).  I can’t believe it’s this hard.  I will never ever complain about the cost of an album again.  Girl Talk should charge $30 per album.

4.)  The kidlets and I are on our way to Phoenix for a few weeks to see family/friends that we haven’t seen in too long.  I can’t speak for the children, but I plan on eating waaaaay too much Mexican food.  We do hope you enjoy the December holiday of your choosing and a happy New Year.

5.)  I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist:


  1. Daemon Messiah says:

    hahaha that is awesome. And good for you! Keep up with your mad, diabolical schemes!

  2. Do you ever read The Onion? Because there are some badass people accounts receivable. Observe:


  3. See you put in time with tedious and then you use those skills to run a non-tedious biz of your own devising. Something with Service Camels involved, say.

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