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A friend or two or nine have been prodding me to stop neglecting my blog.  I don’t have anything to say lately (not that anything I ever said on here really needed to be said anyway, but I digress) but since I pay for hosting I need to use it (that is how the mind of an accountant works).

SO!  Without further ado–  Things, in no particular order:

I went to Florida to see Burt Reynolds in late March and let me tell you, that was the highlight of maybe the past ten years of my life.  I mean, okay, yeah, my kids were born, that was pretty cool, but BURT REYNOLDS WAS SITTING THIRTY FEET FROM ME IMPLYING THAT HE NAILED ELIZABETH TAYLOR, so yeah, sorry kids, but Burt wins.

Here, have a horrible cameraphone picture of Burt hugging an adorable tiny fan.  Later that night Burt gave his REAL BURT COWBOY HAT to this little boy and I briefly contemplated beating that boy down to steal it.

The evening started with a mild panic attack on my part because when my boyfriend and I arrived at the theater, there was a line of about 500 people waiting for The ‘Stache to make an appearance; Neither of us had anticipated such a huge turnout– I think because we both figured we have to be the only nerds so obsessed with Burt Reynolds that we planned this trip a month in advance– and so we had shown up to the theater pretty late and OH MY GOD IT LOOKED LIKE WE WOULDN’T GET IN.  So I started internally freaking out because I HAD FLOWN ONE THOUSAND MILES TO SEE THIS and I AM NOT MISSING IT and I WILL STONE COLD CUT A BITCH TO GET INTO THAT THEATER.  Alas, neither I nor my boyfriend cut anyone to get into the theater, but we did cut in line pretty massively and I kind of feel bad about that but I also do not give a flying fuck, ya know?

On top of Burt just being the most awesome motherfucker ever and hilarious and charming and still obviously a total pimp, it was amazing to get to go with someone who is equally in awe of The ‘Stache.  Seeing my boyfriend geek out over Burt was 60% of the fun and I can’t think of anyone else who’d go to that with me and not get mad when I shushed them while Burt is talking.

I had my tonsils taken out a few weeks back.  I did not anticipate it to suck as much as it sucked but I am fine and now that my throat is all healed and the huge tonsils are gone, it has occurred to me that there is ADDITIONAL SPACE IN WHICH TO FIT BACON, so I am a very happy girl.

So!  Summer is approaching and this pleases me greatly because a.) I like to be warm, and 2.) I will be spending a ridiculous amount of time in Florida with boyfriend and his very cute dog and there will be lots of deep-frying and naps.

Anyway, that’s all the Things I can think of right now, so until next time, I shall leave you with this link to awesome drawings that I am mildly obsessed with lately:  explodingdog.




  1. i suck at blogging lately

    and i don’t have anything as cool to say as this.

    he’s about the only person on earth that doesn’t offend me when they wear a stache. not even tom selleck.

    • yeah, I am generally anti-stache, but in my eyes, Burt’s ‘stache can do no wrong. I heard it saved 93 orphans from a fire in Bejing once.

  2. I went to Florida State. The dorm for the football players is named after Burt Reynolds. ‘Nuff said.

  3. I am very super happy that you got to see Burt and that you are updating your blog. Very happy.

    I got my tonsils removed when I was 18, and now when I hear anyone saying they are getting theirs removed it takes all my will power not to shout out BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST TWO WEEKS OF YOUR LIFE! because it’s bad. I’m sorry. Even so, totally worth it.

    • You know, people warned me that it would be awful but I was all cocky and going “How awful could it be?– I had two c-sections and was up walking around within a couple of hours.” And then everyone just laughed at me, and turns out those fuckers were right.

  4. Burt Reynolds was pretty great in Strip tease.

    Uh, someone told me that. Yeah that’s it.

  5. I had a mild “geek spaz” when he showed up in an episode of Burn Notice last year. Colour me jealous.

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